Further Into the Darkness

RivenWord, the Bringer of Secrets

RivenWord shows up as a person, someone who maybe the community might know peripherally, someone whom its targets might trust, at least a little at first. It offers a bit of knowledge, no cost, just a little advice, the answer to a question that’s been bothering someone, the key to understanding a small problem, something immediately useful. You should take the credit for finding this, RivenWord says, think of me like a book you consulted, you did the work here, and it starts building a relationship. Over time, the knowledge that RivenWord provides becomes more esoteric, and the requirement of secrecy more important. Some of the knowledge simply isn’t to be shared. Some secrets are dangerous, after all. The target begins to drift away from their family, their friends, becoming closed off, you might even say secretive, hoarding what they know. Slowly, the network of sharing erodes. Jealousy arises. Suspicion grows. What secrets are people keeping? Everyone has them. Why should you trust those who will not share what they know? Why should you share what you know when they don’t? And the family breaks down, and the community falls apart, and the tribe loses its structure, and RivenWord moves on, its goal of increasing social entropy having been accomplished.

In game terms: RivenWord attacks Social Connections, as named off in the foregoing text.

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