The Darkness

Within the Dark (or Darkness, which word is used depends on where you are in the world), entities come and go, born, reborn, devoured by the greater or hordes of the lesser, an endless seething cauldron of destructive power that was given no definite form at Creation and cannot maintain such now. In some eras of the world, one or a pair have arisen to nearly rival the Divine, only to be unable to hold their station for more than a few generations. Rivals pull them down from below as quickly as mortals fight against them and their believers and minions. What names are given changes across time. How the Dark appears to mortals varies partly according to their own expectations, for the Dark is seductive, and promises whatever the mortal might desire in order to gain tools for its own ends. Descriptions of avatars of the Dark found in old manuscripts may or may not be useful in the present, as those entities may have dissolved back into the primordial cauldron that birthed them, to be replaced by something not necessarily worse or better, weaker or stronger, but certainly different. The nature of the Dark is chaos, and a desire to return the world to its preCreation formlessness. The nihilism of the Dark is its power and its own undoing. While it’s useful to review what has gone before, no one should expect to actually meet any of the following, at least not precisely as described.

Esgatriel the Dross-Eater

In form usually described as a massive beetle or similar insect, but with one leg too many or few, or other features that are somehow off, Esgatriel scurries about the edges of civilization looking for sustenance. It takes the castoffs, the broken bits, things that didn’t come out quite right, and consumes them regardless of what they’re made of. In the process, it breaks the cycle of decay and reuse. Esgatriel relieves people of the effort of breaking down their leavings, encourages a laziness in respect to nature and its order, engenders a casualness about tossing out things that just aren’t useful any more. This extends far too readily to ideas, and to people. Defeating Esgatriel requires re-establishing the processes that maintain the physical Balance of raw materials and made things, of plants and compost, and encouraging people to do the work required, ignoring the ease with which unwanted things can simply be given to the Dross-Eater.

In game terms: Esgatriel attacks Connection: Nature, eroding it over time, which has knock-on effects on Connection: Magic.

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